RealBoard Property Listings | The Faster Canadian Real Estate Solution
  • Detailed Listings

    If you are looking for that perfect home that you've always wanted but have always had trouble searching through various complex listing services, look no more. RealBoard offers complete listings, as well as an easy search index tailored to your home-style liking.

  • One on One

    With our "Agent Contact" feature, you'll be speaking one-on-one with the listing agent regarding any property that interests you. There is no middle man. We'll direct your inquiry to the agent and you'll have a one-on-one personal conversation from there. Minimize contact delays and get that property you've always wanted!

  • Absolutely Free

    Our service is free to anyone who wishes to use it. We won't charge for special membership options*. Everything you see is what you get. How simple is that? We provide a premium charge to agents to list on our network to provide you the highest of quality listings available and provide rigorous checks to ensure listings are detailed and not falsified.